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April 5, 2012
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The Pass-Around Collab Project

Thu Apr 5, 2012, 5:12 PM

:bulletpurple: Alright, guys! I asked, you replied and now we're doing it! And yes, that's supposed to sound malicious. :O

So, I don't know how many of you have done this before but I'm sure a lot of you have. You start a drawing and and then pass it along to others and by the end, you have this ridiculous masterpiece of ridiculousness and it makes everyone laugh hysterically and in reality, it looks like the worst thing on the planet haha. This image below is what happens when my siblings and I are stuck at a cafe and all we have is our sister's homework to doodle on:

0118121537 by JenniferWeiler

So I want to do this with you all! There's a TON of you guys and I think we could make an epic masterpiece LOL. So what I'll do is I'll start a piece by putting some beginning line work on it and then I'm going to post it. I'll then pass it to the first person on the list and they can work on it digitally or they can print it off and work traditionally. If you work traditionally, just scan it or photograph it and if you work digitally just email it back. Try to keep the large size going because when I photograph it, the image size will be giant (lol thank you crazy beast of a camera XD). Send me the image back in whatever way you can and then I'll send it to the next person on the list. The process will repeat until it's finished. Which means, if we get to the bottom of the list and it's not done, I'll get it again and I'll work on it and we'll go back through the list until it's finished. So you may just get it more than once! There's no time limit and no deadline, just when the piece is finished and however long that takes.

At the end, we will have one awesome collaboration between both traditional and digital artists!
My hope is that we can fudge that line between traditional and digital art forms and bring the two together to create.... art peace?! :stupidme:


:bulletpurple: I'm contributing these prizes but if anyone else also wants to donate llamas to participants, journal features, ,points, etc, just let me know so I can include them!
Point prize also donated by whatareyoustaringat and :devwaterhealing as well as llamas from Aryiea, thank you!

:bulletpurple: Prizes for All Particpants: Llama, 50 Points, Journal Feature
:bulletpurple: Five Random Participants: Signed Medium Photo Print of One of My Pieces (Their Pick)
:bulletpurple: One Random Particpant: Signed Large Photo Print of One of My Pieces (Their Pick)


SO, let's get a posse of people in on this! If you have friends you want to get in on this or know someone with a style you enjoy, or someone that just loves to do silly things like this, pass 'em a link to the journal! Let's break that barrier between digital and traditional art and create a piece with people from all over the world with all styles!! :la:

Whether you doodle, collage, take photos, write, paint, digitally draw, are a professional, or just love to goof off with paper and pencil, I want YOU to jump in on this! This isn't about popularity or skill levels; this is about having fun and creating something together! :hug:

The Project So Far: Pass-Around Collaboration Project by JenniferWeiler


Sign-ups begin now! If you're down for it, just post a comment here and let me know and I'll start collecting names! I'll probably collect names until the last few participants have it.

And I leave you with this amazing display of sheer talent:


1. Off-Site Sarah 2. :iconliving-in-whimsy:   3. :iconescartias:    5. :iconmolvayas:
6. :iconaryiea:   8. :icondiredandelion:   9. :iconfond-memories:   10. :icongoddess-of-ravens:  
11. :iconfellonie:   12. :iconmegamiaki364:   13. :iconpaveffer:   14. :iconsavagefrog:   15. :iconkuukkii:
16. :iconmidnight7130:   17. :iconmncrowgirl:   18. :iconnerds-and-corsets:   19. :iconneiltuoderschvank:   20. :iconrisforragdahl:
21. :iconradioactive-ink:   22. :iconanjourekloos:   23. :iconxglassskiesx:   24. :iconrose-regina-fae:   25. :iconshinfox:
26. :iconnaay-atsuara:   27. :iconpentesilea:   28. :iconhaisoj-swerdna:   29. :iconyouaremore1:   30. :iconozfiztheweird:
31. :iconjh-kael:   32. :iconsaerileth:   33. :iconh-e-n-r-i:   34. :iconq-le:   35. :iconisar-anon:
36. :iconelnamis:   37. :iconstrawberriemew:   38. :iconeyesofthephasm:   39. :iconmuttinkdreams:   40. :iconcharizfire:
41. :iconmercilessink:   42. :iconsophiaazhou:   43. :icondianaandasketchpad:   44. :iconcaylyngasm:   45. :iconboo-said-the-elf:
46. :iconsunsetnightshade:   47. :iconinmyleftmind:   48. :iconana-bby:   49. :iconwaterhealing:   50. :iconabitmadinthehead:
51. :iconfaerie-punk:   52. :iconcrochetamommy:   53. :iconwhatareyoustaringat:   54. :iconladykuonji:   55. :iconkimixiii:
56. :iconcrystalleung7:   57. :icontheartichaud:   58. :iconyaromirashelkova:   59. :iconchakra-san:   60. :iconskyeheart98:
61. :iconladyfabcurly:   62. :iconasheshorror:   63. :iconskriy:   64. :icontcosbyjr:   65. :icontheartichaud:
66. :icontash92:   67. :iconlistmu:   68. :iconjoshine96:   69. :iconrndom-obsessions:   70. :iconmirahmh:
71. :icongreygreenwolf:   72. :iconelysianimagery:   73. :iconcds-03:   74. :iconmoonlitlady:   75. :iconjorgemota:
76. :iconchimcharm45:   77. :iconsk8tcher:   78. :iconaynawiseone:   79. :iconscream-stay-night:   80. :iconimouto-kun:
81. :iconhopelessbanana:   82. :iconpikaluva:   83. :iconwhisperedagony:   84. :iconama-natto:   85. :icondrella-sama:   86. :iconstarija:

Enya - "Pilgrim"
All days come from one day, that much you must know. You cannot change what's over, but only where you go.
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Starija Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012  Student Writer
i'll see if i can give llamas to participants. is there a limit on the amount of llamas people have on dA??
JenniferWeiler Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
No there's not limit on how many you can have. (:
Starija Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012  Student Writer
i meant really like if there's a certain amount people can give. as in, will people run out of llamas?
JenniferWeiler Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Oh haha no, you never run out but you can only give a llama once to every person. (:
Starija Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012  Student Writer
cool, thanks for answering me! i've wondered about it for a while!
JenniferWeiler Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
You're quite welcome! (:
Starija Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012  Student Writer
ohh, can i participate in this as well? almost forgot to say. lol
JenniferWeiler Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Haha you certainly can! XD
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Nur8 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh man i was thinking of doing smethng like this but u beat me to it.(waves fist angrilly).but definitely count me in .i luv it
JenniferWeiler Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Haha well the neat thing is it can be done many times and you always get something different! You should go for it! (:

I'll put you down, hun!
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